Code Bricks Installation Guide

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In this installation guide we’re giving you the steps to download the code bricks and install it for both Windows and Mac users. The following steps are illustrated below.


  1. The first step of installation is going to Junkbot website you’ll find the website as given and the website will open up as shown below. 46
  2. In the website you’ll find series of information about the website and in that you can the download option.47
  3. Now click the download option as shown in below figure.48
  4. Once you press the download option the page itself drops to download section and in this section you’ll find DOWNLOAD option for both Windows and Mac users.49
  5. Click download for windows option.50
  6. The downloading starts for code bricks software once you press the download for windows option and process can be seen on left corner of your computer.45
  7. When the download is finished open the Junkbot software zip file.51
  8. Once you open the zip file the window will come up asking you to extract the file and the file will be copied to your computer.Screenshot (143)
  9. The extraction starts once you click on the extract option and the file will be copied to the computer.Screenshot (144)
  10. After the extraction is done the Junkbot setup will appear which helps you to install Junkbot software to your computer.Screenshot (145)
  11. All you have to do now is to click next, next and creating a Junkbot icon on the desktop.Screenshot (148)
  12. Next step is to install the Junkbot software to the computer click on install as shown below.Screenshot (149)
  13. The last step is to click on the finish button to complete the installation of Junkbot software.Screenshot (151)
  14. Once you click on finish button the installation is complete and your codebricks Junkbot software is ready to use.
    Screenshot (152)

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