Introduction to Buzzer

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In this project we’re going to learn about buzzer and how to make different sounds using it and its connection with Arduino.


Kit: Junkbot Edu kit.

Hardwire required:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Buzzer
  • Connecting wires
  • USB cable

Code brick program:


Fritzing Image:


  1. How to test a speaker or buzzer:
    1. Connect the positive pin (red wire) of the buzzer to 5v and negative (black) to the GND of Arduino.
    2. After connecting, a beep sound will be played saying your buzzer is working.


  1. Controlling buzzer:
    1. To control buzzer initially connect the signal pin of buzzer to data pin of Arduino.
    2. Connect the positive (+) to Vin or 5v, negative (-) to Gnd and Signal (S) to pin 9 on Arduino.
    3. Connect the Arduino to the computer using USB cable.
    4. Open codebricks, click the events block.
    5. Drag 4
    6. Click on the control block and connect 5 to it.
    7. Click on robots block and insert 23 24
    8. This program will give sound from the buzzer which is connected to pin 9 when you click the 9 in codebricks.
  2. Music Band
    1. How to control multiple tones using keyboard keys:
    2. Click on events block and drag 25 and connect  23of robots block to it.
    3. Give different controls of keyboard to different tones of buzzer. Plenty of different rone are available. 26
    4. So when you use keys on your laptop as same as like you’re using the keys of a piano. 21
  3. Establishing Connection:
    1. Even though you connected Arduino to your computer, it won’t start communicating with codebricks until you connect them manually.
    2. This is represented in codebricks, with dot to show status.
    3. Click boards
    4. Click connect                                                                                            11
    5. The dot will turn from red to green, representing the connection established. 12
    6. Now click 9to make the buzzer on.
    7. According to different keys used for different tones the buzzer will buzz or sounds.
    8. With help of this project you can actually create a piano keys on your laptop keyboard and have your own music.

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